Q-Part Certified

Direct Fit Lighting

Q-Part Certified Direct Fit Lighting

As advocates of quality assurance, we are proud to offer our customers the original ‘certified parts’ program developed specifically for Australia. The Q-Part Certified Program is Australia’s most comprehensive program for certification of aftermarket parts. Utilising independent and internationally renowned industry certifiers TUV, CAPA & ECE ensures all Q-Part Certified products match or exceed OE quality for fit, form and function.

Our Q-Part Certified direct fit lighting is manufactured to fit a specific vehicle without the need for modification. These lights are designed to replace your existing OE lighting units.

If you are looking for quality and value, the Q-Part Certified lighting range can offer you both. So whether you need a new headlight, tail light, fog light, or any other forward or rear-facing direct fit light, we have the range to suit halogen, LED or xenon lighting systems.

Contact us today to find out how you can access the largest catalogue of Q-Part Certified direct fit lighting.

Non-Q-Part Certified Head Lamp
Q-Part Certified Head Lamp

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